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Dungeon’s and Dragons

How does Dungeon’s and Dragons work?

Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop role playing game, played with small groups of people using only pens, paper, dice, a few core rules books and an active imagination. It is a collaborative storytelling and adventure game where there is no preset win condition. Essentially D&D is a structured game of make believe with written rules!

There are two roles; Players and Dungeon Masters (DMs). Each player creates and controls a single character. They choose its race eg Elf or Dwarf, each with unique features, a class or occupation such as Fighter or Wizard defining their abilities such as casting spells or fighting with weapons and finally, they choose a name and backstory for their character. Unlike the Players who are actors, responsible for actions of one character, the DM acts as author, director and referee of the game. The DM controls everything in the imaginary world from threatening monsters and traps to the surrounding environment and the events that happen within it. They are responsible for the games narrative flow, creating scenarios and settings where the game occurs. Actions that players may want their character to make can be made through role play while some actions require the use of the specialized die.

Players become characters embarking upon imaginary adventures exploring dungeons, fighting monsters and seeking treasure in a fantasy setting. Do you wish to venture forth into the great unknown in search of treasure and adventure? Does the idea of killing a monster and becoming a hero appeal to you as time well spent? Do you like the idea of telling the greatest stories you will ever hear with friends around a table covered in dice, paper and snacks then you too should play D&D @ BRC.

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