Events and Activities

Public Speaking and Debating

Tuesday Talks

Ms Kelleher organises Tuesday Talks once a month in the library. Contestants are given a speech topic by the Topics Master and must deliver a two-minute impromptu speech on that topic. Tuesday Talks help students learn to think and speak on their feet and is an all round very enjoyable affair. Students have participated in a wide variety of topics from what superpower they would like to have to whether they’d eat Brussel Sprouts at Christmas.


Ms Ní Shuairc and Mr Orrock meet the Senior English Debating every Tuesday and have additional meetings throughout the year for Transition Year debaters. Debating helps students learn and have the confidence to speak on a wide variety of topics. Our debaters have made excellent contributions to various competitions such as Leinster Schools, Cambridge Schools and Concern Debates and continue to have lively and engaging debates. Some examples of past debates are:

“This House Would Require a Minimum of Five Political Party Representatives in Irish Election Debates.”

“This House Believes that EU Membership Has Failed to Amplify Ireland’s Voice on the World Stage:

“This House Condemns Political Protests Directly Outside Legislative Institutions.

“Except for valid medical reasons, vaccines should be made compulsory”.