Literacy Day

Literacy Day 2019

This year’s literacy Day took place on 1st October 2019 and the theme was be a “discerning reader and writer”.

Author Visits  

Three authors visited students during the week of literacy day 

Tony Curtis, poet spoke to 3rd years on Tuesday, 1st October.  He was very energetic and engaging with students, even inviting some to recite poetry in front of the year group.  Tony has a fantastic way of bringing poetry to life.

 Denise Deegan, is a teenage and historical fiction author.  She did two writing workshops with 5th and 6th years on Tuesday 1st October.  Denise’s central theme was the importance of character building in a story. 

Dave Rudden, author of Knights of the Borrowed Dark spoke to 2nd years on Thursday, 3rd October.  Dave was very entertaining and engaging with the students.  Dave’s books are about teenagers who have superpowers and understand horror movies.  He kept the boys enthralled for the entire session and showed the value of reading for pleasure.   

Murder Mystery Competition 

A murder mystery competition was held in the Creative Arts and Digital Learning Centre to promote murder mystery books and to help students engage with numeracy and literacy.  The concept was that Sherlock Holmes was murdered and three suspects were Mr. Alan MacGinty, Mr Niall Byrne and Ms Aoife Ryan.  Students who entered were given a murder case file which included a police report, witness statements from Ms Nolan, Mr Herlihy and Ms Markey, cctv camera footage and a newspaper article. Students got to learn about bias, inference, deduction and attention to detail.  There was also a link with numeracy where they had to work out time through the time, speed and distance formula.   Second years helped create a crime scene for visual effect.    Art students created a body outline poster and Blackrock TV did a wonderful promotional clip.   Overall it was a very fun event and well done to Harvey Lavelle (5th Year), Nicholas Kelly (TY), Conor Casey (3rd Year), Gavin McNabb (2nd Year) and Harry Brady (2nd Year) for correctly working out that Mr Byrne was the guilty suspect.