Symbol of Unfamiliarity

1. The Symbol of Unfamiliarity

For centuries, the oldest and most decrepit of the wise old Monks, Mr Madden has successfully guarded the Symbol of Unfamiliarity.  Yet as ignorance has grown, so has Mr MacGinty’s evil minions.  Mr Herlihy, the ‘Shady Doppleganger’ , with his shape shifting abilities now stands as a mirror image to Mr Madden.  Both hold information from a tome. Mr Madden holds true information, Mr Herlihy holds false information. 

You must decide who holds the information that is most worthy of being true. Choose from Mr Herlihy, and the false information will strengthen the Evil Warlock even further. Choose from Mr Madden and you can take the symbol and continue your journey.  Use the slider to compare both articles and scroll down to click the true answer. May good fortune travel with you.

Some hints

  • Is the information coming from a reliable and well known source?
  • Check the headline via a fact checking website. For more info click here
  • Have other news resources shared the same information?