Symbol of Sagacity

3. Symbol of Sagacity

You have chosen well. Now you must go forth and seek the final symbol. Just before the portal of the library, lays the Symbol of Sagacity.  A Purveyor of ancient Lore, the Old Bard, Mr Byrne has composed a riddle to protect the symbol from the unenlightened. Solve this riddle and go forth and open the Portal.

Riddle of the Portal

  There is an old rogue, an arcane trickster, who tells the truth on Thursdays and Fridays but always tells lies on Tuesdays. On the other days of the week, he tells the truth or tells lies at random. For seven consecutive days he was asked what his first name was, and on the first six days he gave the following answers: John, Bob, John, Bob, Peter, Bob.

What was his answer on the seventh day? Select the correct answer below.