23 Literacy Day Competition The Case of the Broken Bicycle Lamp (pg1 introduction)

The Case of the Broken Bicycle Lamp

Ms Harlowe and the Green schools committee have promised to leave “no stone unturned” after the shocking revelation that someone had broken the front lamp on Ms Markey’s electric bicycle. Ms Markey organised a press conference after discovering the theft when she left work at 6pm yesterday evening. “I was just trying to lead by example” she told reporters. Ms Nolan has offered “a reward where any student who finds the culprit can enter a draw to win a one4all €50 voucher” Ms Harlowe was overheard complaining to Mr Ryan about all the praise Ms Markey was getting from using her electric bike instead of a car. “Green schools have done lots for the environment too” she said.

To find the culprit and be in a chance to win the €50 one4all voucher.  Your task will be find out what object was used, what room they hid the object in and who the culprit was.